Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sewing Machine Giveaway!

I have decided to give a sewing machine away! Blame it on the impending snow storm or my blatant good mood. Here is the deal. I will draw a name at random from comments on this post, but I have to get at least ten comments (from different people - come on now, friends!). Please say, I'd like a free sewing machine (or something like that in your post) so I know you want to be in the drawing. If you live in or around Portland I will arrange a time and place to bring it to you. If you live elsewhere and you need it shipped, you will have to pay for that.
The Machine:
Riccar 1570
The one I have is probably 10 years old, maybe less. The Riccar 1570 is still made although I have not been able to find out how much it would cost to buy it new (it was given to me, so I'm passing that good will on). Also, I have not have it serviced, but I have used it. I would suggest getting it serviced and oiled and all that.
Speaking of oil, I did learn something new today. I took out the first of the two Bernettes and was in the process of checking all the parts and I noticed I had some oil on my hands. When I opened up the little parts case the oil cap from the oil container had not been replaced tight enough at the factory and it had spilled everywhere. Yikes. I called the store where I bought the machines and they suggested to clean it up with Simple Green. Oh, that's easy! I didn't have any but I did have some Trader Zen, which did the trick.
Good Luck!
Winners will be announced Friday, January 14th (if I get those ten comments!)


  1. I want a sewing machine! :) Just think of all the pretty things I can make for you with all my unemployment free time!

  2. Hi Lauren's sister! I've heard wonderful things about you and I want a sewing machine too! (Does kissing-up help the random selection?) ;-)

  3. I want a so-ing machine sew much! And I sure like that little lego woman.

  4. I need an extra sewing machine so my friends can come over and we can craft together. Also, I can give some much needed lessons to a few girls in NYC!

  5. Hey Michelle,

    Cool site. I would love a sewing machine that works!!

  6. Hi Michelle,
    I like it. I am looking at a new machine that helps me applique more easily. Mine is quite manual so some projects I have worked on have come out not as cleanly as I'd like. Any suggestions? I could even trade mine in for a better brand/model as mine is still fairly new.

  7. Hi Michelle-

    Liking the bio photo and the site. I want a sewing machine so I can make Arielle clothes...and have you teach me how to create patterns from existing clothing. There are some great skirts in her closet I would love to reproduce. Plus I would use it to make great felted critters for the kids.

  8. I am going to believe in the power of randomness and hope you draw me :)

    Cheers Michelle!

    -Janis Campbell

  9. Fun contest! would love a sewing machine for my crafty kids. Janet

  10. Thanks for commenting everyone! The lucky winner is Lauren and a goodie bag will be sent out to Tambourinegirl. I hope to have more to giveaway in the future. Stay tuned! Also, PDX Barb - lets plan a pattern making day! And ahorne, lets go shopping for a machine that can do what you need for your appliques!