Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Omni Glide Machine Trolley

How cool is this? I first saw the Omni Glide at my local sewing haunt, Save Stores on Foster Road. I couldn't believe there was something that looked this hip for lugging a sewing machine around! I knew I had to have one, but it was right before the holidays, so I did the only possible thing I could do and told my husband to get it for me as a gift (That was the right thing to do, wasn't it?) Well, he did, (thanks hon!) and it proved to be as fantastic as I had hoped. We have already covered my it needs to look good issue and this satisfied that quirk of mine perfectly!

If you travel with your machine I would say this trolley is a great investment. It is super lightweight and comes in three colors: silver, red and blue. Warning though, it does not fit my Babylock Ellure with the cover on. I can just get it to zip closed. My older machines and new little Bernettes fit just fine. Also, the wheels seem delicate to me, like they are meant for slick airport linoliem floors and not the rocky asphalt I attempted to drag it across in the school parking lot (I ended up carrying it until I got inside). Shop around too: Amazon has it for less than Save Stores did, it just depends on how you like to shop. Personally, I prefer to support my local sewing haunts, even if it means paying a bit more.

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